PHOTO ALBUM  EXCHANGE 8/13/2022(Saturday)
This is me

This is me; Jawaid. I was born PAF base Karachi on May 11, 1968. I went to R.I.G.S School until class five then I went to Anglo Oriantair School for six Month then after I took admission in Gulistan Shah Latif School where I matriculated in 1982 and took admission in Shipowner College. During my academic year; I played Hockey, Table Tennis, Cricket and was in the NCC. I took several awards and ready to go into Pakistan Customs to play hockey but I got a visiting visa to Qatar where my father was in the Army.

I stayed there for seven months and had an offer in a reputable bank but I turned down the offer. In the meanwhile, I got a visa to United States. Although I never wanted to come to United States but my family to force me to go there. I came here in June 30, 1989 and worked hard in KFC where I became an Assistant Manager. Worked there for a year and moved to Pennsylvania where My sister resided. Join the Popeye's as an Assistant Manager and promoted as General Manager. Well, while there in Pakistan before coming to United States and here in United States, I had couple of romance but lets not talk about it. Finally, my mother decided to look Bride for me and I got engage but did not last long. My mother always wanted me to marry to my cousin who I saw her when she was young and I always hesitate to give her positive answer until my sister went to Pakistan and made video clips and brought her pictures. When I saw those pictures, I know that I am in Love so I happily said YES and the funny thing is that she was the girl who I always hesitate to say yes for her. She become my Wife in 2002 and .......... WE ARE IN LOVE MADLY TO EACH OTHER. My love growing every single day as the time passes. Now, we have a beautiful daughter and son and I truly love my wife and of course my daughter and my son. After I got married, I understood the meaning of true love. Currently, I am working with Wal-Mart Inc and owned a house but some day I will go back to Pakistan perhaps in seven to ten years. So, I have introduced myself but if you need to know more or do you have any question or comments then either go to my guest book or just send me an email .

Here are some "The Golden Years" Pictures for you